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Rayton Has a New Home! Facility Secured

September 8, 2021

Rayton has just signed a lease for an 8,757 square foot industrial building in Irvine, CA which will house our accelerator and serve as our facility for the Beta Phase of operations! This will be our home for at least the next 12 months and can potentially be the manufacturing location into Phase I of revenue.

The accelerator is at the manufacturer in Madison, WI and will be shipped to our new facility very soon. We are thrilled and elated for this phase of the company that we have been building towards for years. We have been inspired by the faith our investors have had in us and it truly has been a uniting act between thousands of people which created something novel and unseen before.

Over the next couple months we have a number of milestones to hit and many engineering tasks to accomplish. We need to complete the buildout of our vacuum system end station and integrate it into the beamline and accelerator. We can then begin producing sample materials.

With a beta line in operation we hope that pilot production will help secure potential customers, grants, and strategic partners. We look forward to the future and as always we thank you for joining us on this mission.

Let’s keep the momentum going. Any additional funds will be used for operations in the Beta Phase and to continue our fundraising efforts. Please feel free to share the below link with your friends and family.

Rayton on Start Engine

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