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  • ​What happened to Rayton Solar and the investors of the last round?
    Rayton Solar has filed a Doing Business As (DBA) for "Rayton" The two names are for the same entity, Rayton Solar Inc. The previous investors are current owners and maintain the shares which were purchased in our previous rounds.
  • What happened to solar?
    Over the past few years there has been significant change in the solar industry. Factors such as low cost Chinese manufactured panels, and trade tariffs have made it difficult for solar companies such as Sun Edison, Solar World, Vivint, and Solar City to continue with their business. Management made the decision to create a diversification of Rayton’s product applications by switching our focus to GaAs wafers rather than solar cells alone. The underlying idea is to protect our shareholders and business from volatile market conditions. GaAs wafer production uses the same technology we have already developed and has applications in automotive, aerospace, 5G, LED, as well as solar industries. We believe this is a stronger approach to commercialization and yields the path of least resistance. Once we are in a revenue generating phase then we could be in a position to shift focus towards solar once again provided that the market conditions allow for it.
  • What happened with the money from the last raise?
    The funds from the last round were used to construct a state of the art particle accelerator which powers our proprietary process. We ran an engineering team to nail down our exact wafer production process and design the systems that will be used in the Beta Phase of operations. Additionally, we studied the industry and met with leading research institutions to find the product which offers Rayton the path of least resistance to a revenue generating phase.
  • Is your technology toxic?
    We do not believe that there are any unique environmental or health related concerns as a result of using GaAs wafers. Once produced, our wafers are safe to hold by hand. We will also be selling directly to other companies, so by the time a consumer interacts with a product with a GaAs wafer, that wafer would be fully enclosed in an electronic device.
  • Is 5G Safe?
    Yes, 5G is as safe as 4G and 3G.
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