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Replay of Webinar Update – Rayton Q2, 2023

September 20, 2023

Dear Rayton Community,

Please find the link to our quarterly webinar update below:

Rayton Webinar Update - Q2, 2023

We have broken it up into chapters for you. You can find the list of topics and questions covered with their time signatures in the video description as well as in the timer bar at the bottom of the video. The main 5 points discussed are:

  • NVIDIA Inception Program - 2:01

  • Back in the laboratory - 2:37

  • Grants - 4:41

  • What we have to do to get running - 15:51

  • Industry Interest Received - 20:47

Some bonus Q&A that we find particularly interesting:

  • Electric Vehicles - 21:33

  • Possible Timeline for Revenue - 23:13

  • Terahertz transistors - 31:29

  • Quantum computer applications? 6G, 7G? - 36:07

We hope you find the recap informative. With the momentum discussed, we continue to undertake outreach to players like Samsung and United Microelectronics Corp (UMC) about our capabilities, and intend to provide them with samples when ready. We believe that we need to raise a total of $700K to produce these sample wafers and have already raised over $350K towards that goal.


We ask for your kind consideration again. If we can have 15% of our previous investors to re-invest then we will obtain the funds we need to get through this phase of development. Please find us on Wefunder below:


Invest in Rayton


We have had a number of previous shareholders reinvest, and to those of you – we are very appreciative and thankful. We look forward to a bright future ahead as our sights are set on building a company that can be North America’s premier supplier of high-tech engineered wafers. With your support, future devices powering applications in 5G, electric car charging, facial recognition, edge computing, RADAR/LIDAR, autonomous driving, and (not least) solar cells can all be made on a Rayton wafer.



Andrew Yakub



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