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Recent Rayton Updates

June 23, 2021

In 2018 we set out to raise an additional $2M to get Rayton into the Beta Phase of operations where we would be able to seek institutional partners and clients for a revenue generating phase. We are just $40K away from that goal!

With recent developments the climate seems to be outperforming our expectations in 2018. I am thrilled and excited to find out what the next couple months will hold for Rayton.

Last month we sent out a newsletter discussing how the US federal government was contemplating a stimulus package for the domestic semiconductor industry. We are pleased to say that it has been passed in the senate!

The timing could not be more appropriate for Rayton. Over the next couple months we plan to initiate our Beta Phase of operations. Our accelerator equipment has been tested and certified to perform at spec. The next step for us is to complete our final payments on the equipment and successfully secure an operations site that produces sample wafers. We cannot wait to showcase our wafer technology to clients and partners in the industry.

We thank our investor base for their continued support. We are ready to knock this one out of the park for everyone.

To learn more about Rayton kindly find the link below.

[Start Engine Campaign Link]

Feel free to share the above link with your friends and family. Again, thank you for your continued interest and backing in Rayton’s technology.

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