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Rayton has Achieved Ignition!

June 7, 2021

Rayton has achieved ignition! We have successfully completed the factory acceptance test of our particle accelerator. Below is an image of our 70mA 300KeV beam on a target plate.

It has been a long time in the works but with the success of Rayton’s past two fundraises we have been able to make remaining payments on the accelerator equipment so that our manufacturer could begin the testing and certification. This factory acceptance test means that our manufacturer has tested our equipment and can certify the performance to the required specifications. We are happy to say that with the factory acceptance test complete we can affirm that this production grade equipment will perform as we intended it to and help us unlock the future of semiconductors.

Ours is the only 70mA 300KeV accelerator in operation in the semiconductor industry, and now that the factory testing is complete, we can’t wait to get our hands on it! The next step is to secure our Beta Operations site in Los Angeles and await the accelerator delivery. We anticipate this happening later in the summer this year.

We would like to hold a shareholder day once our Beta Operations facility is up and running, so please do stay tuned for future updates! This will be announced once things have become safe again from covid, so please stay safe and practice all recommended protocols.

Thank you very much. To learn more about Rayton kindly find the link below.

[Rayton on Start Engine]

Please share the above link with your friends and family. Again, thank you for your continued interest and backing in Rayton’s technology – we would not be here without you.

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