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End of Q1 2023 Updates

May 5, 2023

Dear Shareholders,

The first quarter of 2023 has come to an end. A few updates:

We recently got accepted into the NVIDIA Inception Program. This means we will be able to work with NVIDIA experts on new product ideas. They are the leaders in cutting edge GPUs which power the most advanced computational processes today.

Learn more here.

Our sights are set on building a company that can be North America’s premier supplier of high tech engineered wafers. Future devices powering applications in 5G, Electric Car Charging, Facial Recognition, Edge Computing, RADAR/LIDAR, Autonomous Driving, and Solar Cells can all be made on a Rayton wafer.

As a part of the NVIDIA program we are now one small step closer.Our co-founder and board director, Dr. James Rosenzweig, was recently awarded The 2023 EPS Hannes Alfvén Prize. This makes two prestigious awards for him in the past 12 months including the Advanced Accelerator Concepts Prize for 2022. We congratulate him and thank him for over a decade of service to making Rayton’s mission a reality.  

As we do every year at Rayton, we have completed our 2022 audited financial statements and have filed our forms 1-K and C-AR annual reports with the SEC. Please find the links to those below:



We will continue to move forward as we always have, and we look forward to the rest of 2023. 


Andrew Yakub



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