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New Campaign Launch on Wefunder

May 13, 2023

Hello Rayton Community,

We have opened up another Regulation CF equity crowdfunding round. This time we have shifted to a new platform, Wefunder. Please find the link below:

Rayton on Wefunder

We found the fees and policies at Start Engine to be a hinderance to our progress as a company, so we switched to Wefunder, and have so far been very happy with their services. As we are still pre-revenue, with capital demands for research and development and preparation of commercial samples, we experienced excessive timelines with Start Engine that has delayed our forward progress. We ask that you consider investing through the Wefunder link above – if we can have 15% of our previous investors to re-invest then we are projected to obtain the funds we need to get through this next phase of company development.

You may be wondering, why is Rayton crowdfunding again? We have received feedback from institutional contacts in the industry that our technology is attractive, and the next step would be to present them with our wafer made on commercial grade equipment for talks to continue. We are under non-disclosure agreements, so we cannot say who is involved in the discussions, but we can say that there are multiple entities, all large multi-national firms in the semiconductor industry.

We believe that we need to raise another $700K to produce these sample wafers on our production grade equipment. We have arrived at this figure because we accomplished this type of development with gallium arsenide in 2018 on equipment that is not high-volume, but that produces a similar implanted wafer as what we would obtain with commercial equipment. It cost us approximately $700K to run the engineering team to reach this goal, and now that we have the production grade equipment we need to do it again.

I want to list out what we have accomplished, and then go into what remains. Here is what we have accomplished so far: 

  • Purchased the $2.38M particle accelerator. It was factory tested and certified to perform with a world class beam current of 75mA and 300KeV beam energy;

  • Assembled this equipment at our site in Irvine, CA;

  • Installed high voltage power lines for the facility;

  • Installed 30KW of cooling and the infrastructure to service our equipment;

  • Designed and manufactured a custom end chamber system;

  • Simulated and designed custom cooling plate and magnet systems, and manufactured the cooling plate;

  • Perfected a recipe for GaAs wafers and successfully tested it on non-production grade equipment.

These are not insignificant feats, but there is still more to do.

Here is what we still need to do to get to the point the institutions suggested:

  • Purchase sulfur hexafluoride (insulating) gas management system;

  • Bring installation and training crew onsite;

  • Hire personnel to be trained;

  • Install, test, and debug end chamber systems;

  • Implant wafers with the beam so that they can be processed into sample wafers;

  • Process wafers in UCLA or UCI nano fabrication facility; we need to process the implanted wafers using our proprietary thermal steps in a cleanroom facility in order to create an engineered sample wafer that can then be sent out to potential customers. The equipment to conduct these processing steps can be rented at the UCLA or UCI facilities. Such a process is what we conducted in 2018. 

Our lead investor for this round on Wefunder is David Johnson. He is a long time investor in Rayton having first invested in 2017, and has invested multiple times for a total of over $400K. Here is what he has to say:

“I have followed the company for several years having first heard of it on Facebook and its endorsement by Bill Nye (the Science Guy). I have seen the accelerator up close and in person and have met Andrew and many on his team and can’t wait to see what it can do. This is a sound company with a sound manufacturing concept that will reduce waste in the production of semiconductors by being able to carefully and accurately slice semiconductor material into thinner wafers.”

- David Johnson, Lead Investor

We ask for your kind consideration again. If we can have 15% of our previous investors to re-invest then we will obtain the funds we need to get through this phase of development. Our sights are set on building a company that can be North America’s premier supplier of high-tech engineered wafers. Future devices powering applications in 5G, electric car charging, facial recognition, edge computing, RADAR/LIDAR, autonomous driving, and (not least) solar cells can all be made on a Rayton wafer.


Andrew Yakub



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