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Rayton Board of Director Receives Prestigious Award

November 16, 2022

Last week – one of Rayton’s earliest team members and Board Director – Professor James Rosenzweig was awarded the Advanced Accelerator Concepts Prize for 2022. Read more about it here

“This prize is awarded every two years at the eponymous conference. It is the highest recognition available in the field, which is engaged in the search for very high field acceleration techniques based on lasers, plasmas, and intense charged particle beams. This research is seen as critical to the future of discovery at the particle physics energy frontier, and the development of new coherent, laser-like X-ray sources. Physics and Astronomy departmental faculty are highly engaged in this enterprise; for example, Prof. Warren Mori is a previous winner. The citation for Prof. Rosenzweig’s award is ‘For his seminal and pioneering contributions at the nexus of advanced accelerators, light sources, and beam physics.’”

We are thankful and proud to have had Professor Rosenzweig as part of the team for nearly 10 years. We look forward to the bright future ahead. 


The Rayton Team

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