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Rayton Receives Industry Interest

October 5, 2023

Hello, Rayton Community!

Very recently, a large multinational company reached out to us about a potential partnership! We can’t say what company yet, but they are a prominent manufacturer of semiconductor wafers and have a couple thousand employees worldwide. We have had preliminary discussions with their engineering team and they are very interested in our company and our process. To be clear, nothing is promised and this may not amount to any results, but it is a development we are excited about.

What is also exciting about this potential opportunity is the other company’s work with Gallium Nitride. We see Gallium Nitride as an emerging product that can increasingly be used in electric vehicles. Specifically, Gallium Nitride voltage controllers can significantly reduce the time needed to charge electric vehicles compared to their silicon counterparts.

While we have experienced setbacks, we believe Rayton is in the most advanced position it has ever been in. We have purchased our commercial grade equipment and are taking the next steps to produce sample material through our relationship with UCLA's Nanolab. We have had an impressive number of previous investors reinvest, and for that we are truly thankful! You all have been shifting the needle as we are getting closer to our goal every single day. Please find us on Wefunder below:

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Andrew Yakub



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