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End of 2020 Update

December 8, 2020

2020 was an unprecedented time for the world; however, we look to 2021 with great optimism as Rayton has made huge progress in 2020 and anticipates hitting more milestones in the upcoming year. This past June, we completed a $1.07M round with StartEngine. These funds are being used to make payments towards the accelerator and to continue the operations of the company. Currently, we estimate that we are on track to receive the accelerator equipment by August of 2021. We plan on using the next couple months to secure our Beta Operations site and plan for the accelerator commissioning and initial sample production in Los Angeles. We’ve worked relentlessly for years to get to this point, but we’re excited to say the timeline looks promising! ​ GaAs wafers remain as our primary product that we plan to create samples and seek sales contracts for, and we are getting closer to making these samples with our production-grade equipment. Lastly, we have an ongoing Regulation CF round on StartEngine. If you’re interested in investing or re-investing, we encourage you to review our raise page. Your support is instrumental to our success and accelerated timeline, and we look forward to only strengthening our partnership with you.

[Rayton on Start Engine] Please share the above link with your friends and family. Again, thank you for your continued interest and backing in Rayton’s technology.

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